[Paul Rulkens is an] unexpected and very inspiring speaker
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‘[Paul Rulkens is] hilarious and substantive'
- congreswereld.nl
"You will never get the results you want from the behaviors that you like."
[...]The combination of powerful insights into human behaviour and humor gave the audience food for thought and created lively discussions. Paul’s presentation was fun and created a lot of energy as he connects and interacts well with the audience.” Stepan Breedveld, CEO Ordina

Business Leader – Trusted Advisor – Professional Speaker


“The High Performance MasterMind”

‘Bold executive outcomes with the least amount of effort.’

Paul’s TED talks

Why the majority is always wrong | TEDxMaastricht 2014

Strategic quitting | TEDxMaastricht 2013

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Paul’s company, Agrippa Consulting International, is a boutique consultancy firm, focused on high performance behavior to dramatically grow any company or organization.

Keynote Speaking

Organizations like KPMG, ExxonMobil and Canon have used Paul to powerfully engage their people about high performance: the art and science of achieving business and personal success in the easiest, fastest and most elegant way possible.

Partial client list

Royal DSM
Grant Thornton
Royal Boskalis

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Fast Company
Denk Producties

What others say about Paul’s work

  • "Wit & Wisdom. Paul’s key note address at our international management conference was a resounding success. We had asked him to give the group something to think and talk about during the conference. Weeks later, we are still hearing references to his talk on Strategic Acceleration. Worthwhile points, delivered in an entertaining and memorable way, have staying power."

    Erik OostwegelChairman of the Executive Board - Royal HaskoningDHV
  • "[Strategic Acceleration is] hilarious and substantive"

  • "[Paul Rulkens is an] unexpected and very inspiring speaker"

  • "[...] Paul brought excellent insights in a way that resonated - people could relate and apply. We laughed, learned and referred to Paul throughout that evening and the next day. Truly food for thought…and action."

    Marga DonehooDirector Leadership and Talent Development - Royal HaskoningDHV
  • "[...] Paul has introduced us to the world of High Performance, the inner workings of our lizard brain, the Valley of Death and other odd behavior. In a tempered way he hits a nerve and makes the room roaring with laughter. Impressive, clever, educational and entertaining."

    Radboud van HalCPO - Achmea 
  • "[...]If you can bring our message in an inspiring and attractive way to a divers stake holders platform you must be a true professional. Paul has proven to us to be such a professional. The whole meeting room was carefully listening to him when he told his story, which was our message. People were enthusiastic, motivated, talked about it and it affected the support for our organization in an impressive way."

    Marcel KnolsCasinomanager - Holland Casino Valkenburg 
  • "[...] In his interaction with the group Paul made us see how our leadership could have a huge positive impact by simply improving 1% per day. Razor sharp, to the point and with a fair dose of humor he took us on a journey from the razors edge, trimming blades, neurology and more to reach our destiny: high performance."

    Jeroen Wegkamp CPO - Dutch Railways
  • "Paul’s contribution to the Ordina Open Innovation Days was insightful, constructive and even provocative. The combination of powerful insights into human behaviour and humor gave the audience food for thought and created lively discussions. Paul’s presentation was fun and created a lot of energy as he connects and interacts well with the audience."

    Stepan BreedveldCEO Ordina
  • "[...] The audience was energised by Paul’s key note address on Strategic Acceleration, and by how it was delivered by Paul. He held up many mirrors to the audience allowing everyone to be touched personally. Our portfolio event was a huge success with many participants weeks later continuing to refer to the metaphors shared and applying them!"  

    Lizette SintManaging Director Rabo Private Equity
  • “Paul has a very clear and down-to-earth approach how to accelerate high performance organisations. His undoubtable scientific knowledge combined with his typical sense of humour, will give you a clear and practical view on how you can simply make a difference the very next day. He will boost you with positive ideas and will leave you with a friendly smile.”

    Arjan van OostenPartner Grant Thornton

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